As far back as I can remember, I have been drawing and painting.  I began to formally develop my skills through classes in high school and college.  As an adult, I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and trained at other art centers in the area.  My work has been exhibited and sold primarily in juried shows and  galleries.  I have received numerous awards and my work has been purchased for private and corporate collections.

My current work consists of various printmaking techniques including intaglio, dry point, aquatint, and monoprinting.  I am intrigued by  various textures, colors  and the soft subtle transparencies of Japanese and handmade papers.  My pieces range from the spontaneity of monoprints to the detailed layering and combining of my printed images.  The subject matter is derived from nature, primarily organic and botanical forms. 

Learning what the piece will evolve into is a journey for me,  and usually not planned.  It is more of a visual reaction to the shapes, colors and forms,  such as the unexpected  contrast of a vividly colored image superimposed on a sketch or worn intaglio.  

I hope  that  the viewer is drawn to explore my work  and derives feelings of the beauty and tranquility of nature from the images.